Using a simple 'step-by-step' process you'll be able to build a professional auction ad in just a few minutes from scratch without the hassle.

Now you can easily...

Instantly Create Professionally Designed Looking , Action Grabbing Auction Ads In seconds But Best of all ...

... they are all designed to sell your products like crazy and ... you don't have to spend months like I did, learning complicated HTML and Javascripting or even hiring an expensive copywriter!



From: Nick James, Auction-O-Matic

Fellow Auction Advertiser,

Here's a bold promise. Five minutes from now you will be able to create a knockout, ready-to-go advert, fully ready to post at online auction and ... has all the powerfully tested sales elements that most eBay winning Ads have!

You know those adverts that look like they have been created by a real Pro? Nice pics, good layouts etc. I have created a real cool, cutting-edge program that will give you top-agency looking Ads at the smallest percent of the price and ... it really is a one click and go program!

Forgive me for sounding over excited but it is going to save you hours of time time, a ton of money that you could have paid to an Ad copywriter and ... stop you having a load of hassle trying to write and produce auction Ad's in front of your computer screen, hour after hour.

It has everything a Premium Ad would have. It is in the words of one of our users...

"Auction-O-Matic is something every serious eBay seller needs to have! It'll save you time, energy and effort - and that's just the beginning of it all.

A person doesn't need to know a think about HTML, and that just amazes me. With the push of a few buttons, anybody out there can have top-notch looking eBay Auctions. "

Renown Marketer Frank Garon,

You don't have to be a programmer, Ad writer or anything kind of techie in the slightest. If you can use a keyboard and a mouse you WILL be able to use my program, its a cinch!

In fact before I go any further let me quickly show you my mighty little, time saving, cash making tool and then, I'll tell you a little more. So easy ...

Just 3 child-like steps and your red-hot, action grabbing ad's are ready to load up live or save until you need to use them again. Let me show you...

Step 1. Home page of Auction-O-Matic Click on "New".

Step 2. Fill in all the blank white boxes.

Step 3. Click on "generate HTML"

Click on view advert. Result: Superb looking advert in seconds that creates faster sales!

Click here to see full ad (pop up or pdf)

Now if you are an online auctioneer I am sure you understand why I'm getting so excited!

Here's precisely what Auction-o-matic it will do for you today...

  • NEW FEATURE: Automatically saves your full advert to your hard disk for future use and the touch of a button

  • Automatically generates all the HTML coding for you

  • Automatically changes background colors to your personal taste

  • Automatically displays up to 6 regular photos which you have already posted online

  • Automatically creates interactive pop up windows for 6 more 'super-size' photo's you have uploaded to the Internet

  • Automatically displays your company logo which you have uploaded to the Internet

  • Automatically aligns and frames your logos and photos to make them stand out

  • Automatically changes the paragraph alignment, font colors, font faces, font cases for every area of your listing

  • Automatically "copies" all of the code generated to your computers clip board so all you need to do is "paste" the code into eBay
    (or any other online auction site)

  • Automatically allows to you to preview your finished advert before submission in a browser window so you can check everything looks just right

  • Works With All Online Auction Sites Including eBay™


I just wanted to congratulate you on your new software... absolutely no programming skills are required. It was easy to download and even easier to use. AND the ads generated by Auction-O-Matic are top notch. Keep up the good work.

Brett Pieratt

I Don't Take Risks With Your Cash!

Buy it, try it and if you hate it ... ask for your money back. I personally ... LOVE IT!

" Let me tell you the quick story of how and why I created Auction-o-Matic and why it became a "must-have" tool in any online auctioneer box of tricks "


(if you don't want the story and just want to buy it click here)

Creator and Auctioneer Nick James

I am just like any other auction advertiser, maybe just like you! When I first got into using Ads online there were times when I would have to advertise for week upon week to try and sell an item that I would literally make just "peanuts". That drove me nuts. Especially when ...

... one thing became real obvious to me. My competitors stuff seemed to be advertised only once. In other words ... it had sold after the first advertisement. ONCE!.

For at least 6 months this drove me totally baloney until ...

... a friend of mine told me to do some simple yet, in-depth research into the ads that would be seen only once for one item. Here is what I did.

I basically cut and paste the auction Ads that seemed to sell their stuff weekly for my competitors and compared them to my own. It was that simple. When I had around 20-30 Ads I studied and analyzed them like crazy.

To be honest I couldn't quite work out the the difference and why theirs were selling items weekly yet mine weren't. So I asked some friends again. One thing they all said...

Nick ... the other Ads look like they have been done by a Pro. Yours like YOU have done them!" That's my buddies way of telling me I was trying to do something I couldn't do. Ok, minor problem but how do I overcome it? Not easy but I did it ...

Solving the problem: Making cheap auction Ads look Professional so as to explode my sales

"When I first viewed the completed listing, I was amazed at the quality that came from such an easy to use program. In less than 5 minutes I was able to create a listing that would normally take me an hour or more to create.

Awesome! I highly recommend

Neil Bartlett

I did a little more research. Let me tell you a proven fact I found out! Its the professional looking Ads that get all the response first. The amateurish come a long second place. That is a tested fact!

Buyers are a little wary of something that looks as though it's a "home-thrown" Ad. So, they will only buy if they cant get what they are after from the better looking companies first.

Couple of  options I thought.  Hire an agency or copywriter to create an ad for you. Spend hour after hour trying to get it right your self... Or ... build a program that would automatically have all the essential "sell-like-crazy" stuff built in. Next problem was...

... I know zilch about creating software programs which meant ...

I would have to get my head down and learn. Now why would a Mr Happy-Go-Lucky guy like me that like to relax in the evenings with a beer and watch good TV do that?

After weeks of thought I came to the conclusion creating the right program would probably knock off at least a day and a half off my working week yet at the same time save me cash in advertising. This in turn would earn me more profits.

In other words... more time for me ... more money for working less! Sounded good to me.

Six months later of teaching myself everything I could learn about HTML and Javascript programming and a few other techie tricks, voila ... the birth of my very first software program. I called it Auction-O-Matic!

And as you have seen from the pictures at the top of this page it really does create awesome looking professional adverts at the click of a button. Remember though this was for me but it got me thinking ...

... I know a ton of online auctioneers that would die for this  beast...

So here it is for you today. You don't have to learn all the baffling techie talk I had to go through. Just download, install and its live, kicking and ready to churn out  as many as you like auction ads at a cost of less than 0.7 of one cent per week for Ads that are in a tried and tested to work format.

That's right I did say a pathetic 0.7 of one cent a week!

“Your software is so easy to use, you really did mean 'Step-by-step' I knew exactly what to write from the off, I didn't even need the help guide"

Rosemary Bartlett eBay seller

“You're right... why bother learning HTML when Auction-O-Matic does it all for you.- Thanks for making this available to everyone else...”

Nadine Oakes
eBay Seller

“Auction-O-Matic does more than I thought, I'm impressed Nick you're a star!”

Chris Giles
eBay seller

Have you got 2 minutes? It takes less than 120 seconds to download, install and open up Auction-O-Matic on to your P.C. That's two minutes from right now.

Why should you buy it? As an auctioneer myself I will tell you if you don't ... you're nuts. But heck I don't want to offend you so here are eight solid reasons why you should...

  • Buy it: Created by a fellow auctioneer (in other words I know precisely what's needed for auctioneering).

  • Buy it: Proven to work layout formula for ads.

  • Buy it: Packed to the rim with tested secrets that work.

  • Buy it: Saves you time and hassle (cut your working week by at least one day and ... increase profits).

  • Buy it: Increase sales on first viewing.

  • Buy it: Saves you time.

  • Buy it: Customizable for your own look (70 options. Example Click Here)

  • Buy it: Money back guarantee

“Auction-O-Matic is the only eBay template software that I need... it does everything for me. it generates everything I need to create great eye-catching, bid pulling auction listings and saves me so much time.. Thank You..."

Rick Norris - (eBay™ seller)

As far as I am aware, there is nothing else anything like Auction-O-Matic available on the Online.


Look don't take my word for it. Experience Auction-O-Matic for yourself. If it doesn't blow your socks off ask for a refund.

Just remember though I work on auctions daily. I understand what is right and wrong for us (yes I bought all the trash stuff as well ) this unique one of a kind tool saves you money and time I absolutely promise you!

So What's The Deal Nick?


Order Auction-O-Matic today and you'll also receive a FREE license upgrade. This license allows you to sell Auction-O-Matic on your own web site to other auction sellers - and keep every cent you make from sales for yourself!

The license upgrade includes everything you'll need in order to both use and sell Auction-O-Matic

  • The Full Auction-O-Matic Software Program - with the resale license upgrade allowing you to create unlimited auction adverts and sell unlimited copies of the program itself.
  • A professional website template (just like this one), complete with the professional graphics and sales letter. (Valued at $167 by itself!)
  • Complete Instructions for both using and reselling Auction-O-Matic within minutes of your purchase.


  • Last but not least you will also receive FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES. You will be able to download all new versions of Auction-O-Matic for FREE!


Listen I know this sounds a little corny but I am a man of my word. Being a fellow auctioneer I HATE getting ripped off.

So this guarantee will cover you from every angle. Simply put if you feel the adverts I have promised you don't materialize with Auction-O-Matic or if you are disappointed in any other way email me on and the refund is yours.

I ask you one thing though. Tell me what I can put right so I don't make the same mistake again.


(I am still price testing. Price will rise not drop in near future)


Pay now and download, install and use in less than 120 seconds!

Payment Can Be Accepted  Using Any Major Credit Card

Designed For Windows Opperating Systems - NOT MACs

"If you want your auction listing to look professional, you'll want this auction template software."

Rick Norris (eBay™ Seller)

“I tried out your program and it works great. It is a great way to increase bids. A computer dummy can make professional looking ads with it.

Ben Souza


Nick James


P.S.: Just to remind DOWNLOAD is instant but not only that ... you can re-sell Auction-o-Matic as often as you like with your FREE BONUS licence.

GUARANTEE: If Auction-O-Matic is not everything that we say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then we will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked. [ Legal Notice: - Auction-O-Matic is not associated with eBay™ ]

If you were sent here by someone you don't know, please report it to us forward the email to

Auction-O-Matic is Copyright 2003 Nick James


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